Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guru of Real Estate Markets --Joseph Barnes shares his insight on my blog

Joseph Barnes is an internationally famed guru on Real Estate Market.

I am delighted that Joseph Barnes has shared his global insights about current Real Estate markets on my blog...

Joseph Barnes President of JSB International Consulting Corp.based in USA

As we begin to move forward in the unstable financial market we are
finding it to be tough to find new ideas and safe havens for our
investment capital...with the depreciation of the US dollar and talks
of another recession dip it has and the deprecation of the Euro and
the pound we have know idea when there will be an out . But on the
other hand we are seeing an increase in real estate values in
countries like Brazil because of the anticipation of the Olympics and
the World Cup and have already begin to transform the country in order
to support the amount of people that will be traveling to witness the
future event the government’s tourism expenditure program, Brazil’s
infrastructure is improving, new bridges and roads are being laid,
more and more flights are being scheduled, and as a result tourism is
booming. Immense tour operator demand for high standard resorts has
put pressure on developers, squeezing market supply and forcing
property values upwards and sending resort rack rates higher and
higher. Prices and rentals are certain to continue to soar over the
coming decade
Brazil’s economy itself, outside tourism, is thriving (For instance,
cell phones, aircraft and vehicle manufacturing industries.) and as a
part/member of the BRIC (India, the country of Brazil, the Russian
areas, the Chinese areas) nations, Brazil is predicted to be one of
the global economic power-houses of the future for the following
1)The Brazilian Government is spending $1. 8 billion in total on
infrastructure for the benefit of tourism.
2)Tourism is rocketing, figures show that the numbers of visitors have
quadrupled over the past 5 years.
3)The present inexpensive land and building prices coupled with
proliferating tourism are generating an environment of rampant capital
Natal especially will grow and blossom. Natal resides in Rio do Grande
Norte which as previously explained, is at the forefront of being an
up and coming tourism hot spot in the coming years. Natal is much
nearer to mainland Europe and America than other regions and is thus a
very attractive investment for British and American markets in terms
of tourism and investments, unlike other Brazilian cities and regions.
The area has abundant supply of number of food items, restaurants,
culture and flights and they are quite cheap too.
Natal has large sandy beaches and temperatures that soar into the
100s, with the nearby development of the future third largest airport
in the world, also being planned and the government’s aim to bring in
nearly 6 million tourists a year, it’s easy to see why the airlines
are riding the bandwagon and offering package holidays and direct
flights to this hotspot, with the following advantages:
1)The southern area is the most expensive, being three times as costly as Natal.
2)Natal is a great choice for Europe and US holiday makers as it is
nearer to them in terms of location.
3)Natal is well known for its coconut palm trees, which are seen
everywhere in the city and also line up the cost of blue water sea
with soft sea breezes.
4)Less than 30 minutes of journey time is expected because of the
bridge that has now been constructed that connects Natal City and the
beach resorts to the north.

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