Sunday, December 2, 2012



I am writing from an american perspective that holds water in the international economy. It's not likely to happen until US reach much higher levels of inflation and she has something approaching financial repression – but that's exactly where the direction is pointing towards. The mania is likely to be fear-driven much more than greed-driven. Fear is a depreciating asset that hurts the economy badly. Gold is still in the climbing-the-wall-of-worry stage. Mania is still in the future. It's going to happen. I feel confident of that. There's going to be a rush to Gold/Silver. The economies need to learn how to survive and profit in a market bogged down by crippling government regulations, billion-dollar bailouts, excessive money printing, and cronyism; that's how the markets are manipulated at present.


But to be frank, it's very hard to be an investor in a highly politicized macro-environment. Investors need to look for real, productive wealth and consistent growth. Speculators, on the other hand, try to capitalize on the chaos that is caused by the myriad of destructive government regulations, taxes, and, of course, currency inflation. That's why I look at all markets, in all countries. But right now there are very few bargains. At some point, for instance, real estate is going to be of interest again. Not right now because governments everywhere are going to raise taxes on it. I believe investors should re-position their portfolio audit for wealth preservation. REAL ASSETS ARE GOLD, SILVER, OIL, LITHIUM, NATURAL GAS, CHINESE YUAN, SHALE GAS, TECHNOLOGY, BIOTECH, HEALTH CARE. I've always been kind of a boy scientist; technology interests me from an intellectual, as well as a financial, point of view. Technology is the real mainspring of human progress. No question about that...I read science magazines sometimes. There are more scientists and engineers alive today than in all the history of the world put together. Hopefully, with the continued blossoming of India and China – where students are generally going into science and engineering as opposed to things like gender studies, political science, and English literature, which students idiotically are doing in the West – there will be even more scientists and engineers 20 years from now. What areas are they going into? Nanotechnology, microbiology, robotics, Stem Cells, Tissue Culture – these things will blossom the way computers have over the last few decades.


Its at the end of the story, not the beginning. More QE – I prefer not to call it that because it's really just printing money. I dont prefer euphemisms, words that are intended to make something sound better than it really is. Euphemisms, like exaggerations, are the realm of politicians and comedians. Anyway, the next round of money printing is going to result in radical and rapid retail price rises. There is no prosperity possible from this; rather the opposite. The Strategic Intent of QE is to discourage people from saving and encourage them to invest tin Stocks and Housing to create artificially high prices.
USA is a completely free market economy, prices would constantly be dropping. That's a good thing, because as prices constantly drop, it means money becomes more valuable. That induces people to save money. When people save, it means that they are producing more than they are consuming – that's a good thing. The way governments have it structured today, however, prices are always going up. That discourages people from saving because their money is constantly worth less, which encourages them to borrow. Inflation induces people to try to consume more than they produce, which is unsustainable over the long run.

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