Monday, May 20, 2013


Saudi Arabia is running out of oil------By Shan Saeed, Riyadh's Hidden Energy Crisis: While the world wasn't watching, the Saudis have been covering up a huge secret...A secret so big and game-changing, they've gone to great lengths to keep it hidden. A secret that, when the rest of the world wakes up to its implications, will send massive ripples through the energy markets. For those bold enough to see the truth and act quickly, the opportunity it presents is immense. Saudi Arabia is running out of oil. You didn't read that wrong. It's not a joke, nor is it just my opinion. And I'm most certainly not crazy. It's a stone-cold fact. The report I'm talking about is from the world-renowned think tank Chatham House. I'm sure you didn't see anything in the media touting this report or anything about the Saudis running out of oil on the evening news.Don't take my word for it... Here's an excerpt of the report from Chatham House: " Saudi Arabia's energy consumption pattern is unsustainable...That means on a 'business as usual' trajectory, it would become a net oil importer in 2038." That's right. If the Saudis continue at their current rate of oil consumption, they will become net oil importers even sooner than they want to admit. And truthfully, I think we're looking at much sooner than 2030. Because it seems Saudi Arabia has developed quite a penchant for wasting the one thing the world covets most... How much do they waste? To be blunt, too much. We're talking about nearly three MILLION barrels PER DAY. That's a staggering number, for sure. But get this: That's more than 25% of their oil production. According to the International Energy Agency, the Saudis consume more oil than Germany, a country with 3x the population. Talk about waste! The Saudis use as much oil per person as people in USA do and it has a far higher car-to-person ratio. This is a great opportunity for smart and savvy investors to take position in the global energy market. USA will dictate the global energy market by producing more and more Oil and Natural gas and becoming the net exporter globally. Disclaimer: This is just a research piece and financial market insight. All financial transactions carry a RISK

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