Saturday, May 12, 2012


Beijing gives China’s banks the green light to dump dollars!
This is absolutely unprecedented. China’s central bank has always been able to sell dollars. NOW, EVERY COMMERCIAL CHINESE BANK HAS BEEN GIVEN OFFICIAL FIRST-TIME-EVER APPROVAL TO DUMP AND SELL SHORT THE U.S. DOLLAR!
The dollar devaluation conspiracy I’ve been warning about is about to hit the greenback hard. Here’s what to do IMMEDIATELY ...

You may even recognize my name has been quoted by Financial Times, CNBC, Bloomberg and Islamic Finance News Malaysia and some other major financial program or publication in Singapore, USA and Pakistan

However, what I have recently discovered is something you will NOT hear me (or anyone else) say in any of those venues. I wonder how many people think I’m nuts now! All along I’ve been warning that Beijing and Washington were moving to devalue the U.S. dollar and start lifting the Chinese yuan’s status as an international currency.
And over the last couple of weeks I’ve outlined about every single step that Beijing’s taken to do exactly that, without one single objection coming from our “leaders” in Washington!
But this recent announcement takes the cake: Beijing just gave the country’s commercial banks the green light to dump U.S. dollars — for the first time ever!
Is it any surprise that the U.S. dollar is hovering near record lows against the Chinese yuan, ready to plunge further? I think not! Is it any surprise that the U.S. dollar can’t even rally against Europe’s currency — a currency that everyone knows is doomed? I think Euro is a challenge right now!
My view: If you don’t take the action you need to take now to PROTECT your money and turn this looming, disastrous dollar devaluation to your advantage ...

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Disclaimer: This is just a research piece and not an investment advice. All financial transactions carry a RISK

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