Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Worst is yet to come---By Shan Saeed

US economy is in complete disarray. But it’s been that way since the recession began. I have already predicted the repeat of 1930's and this time it would be very long and Americans would feel the pain very badly...Financial wealth will be wiped off the market soon.

Unfortunately, the worst may be about to hit Americans soon. And I can feel the panic beginning to sweep through the US economy. Last week the global world witnessed both the stock market and gold prices plummet. And this week has brought additional volatility that has left average Americans uncertain of what’s to come. But the experts are starting to come to a consensus. And it’s not good.

According to famed economist Robert Shiller from YALE now warns that the stock market is "still high by historic standards," and that it has to be seen the dramatic correction yet that occurred during the Great Depression.

Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher says that Bernanke’s Operation Twist will be “working against job creation." And probably the most shocking prediction comes from various economists including Roubini.

My prediction for USA economy.

Unemployment going up by 45%

Stock Market to plummet by 75%

Housing market to go down further by 20%

Bail out for Big banks are very much on the cards.

Inflation would be in double digit.

There are few economists who have made similar predictions for the US economy. I am bearish as I can see lot of blood bath in the global financial markets for the next 2-years. Tough times ahead.

Disclaimer: This is just a research piece and not an investment advice. All financial transactions carry a RISK.

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  1. Couple of things here.

    This parasitical rent-seeking, fruits of labor snatching, economic structure started to take its hold from the 70s. Global confidences from restored by Volcker. Thats all. It was just confidence. Look fact of the matter is, you can have all the confidence but that doesnt fill your stomach. Game of confidence is tied to credit bubbles created by either/and central/commercial banks.

    Diluting money forces capital to a more stable platform. Its the flip side of Gresham's law. Thats why Capital started to flow to East.

    Last time the US govt played with Treasury bonds. This time they will try to play with IMF SDRs. I dont know if it will work. I think it will. As long as oil is tied to dollar, dollar is going nowhere!

    But the world has a heck to pay for this. Heck I tell you!